How Much Do Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Cost?

December 1, 2021

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In the summertime, it may not always be apparent how badly your home needs energy-efficient replacement windows. However, the late fall and winter will let you know. Sometimes it is evident by how cold it is in your home despite running the heat on high. It is also apparent in the cost of heating bills. If the house you bought didn’t come with energy-efficient windows, it might be a good idea to invest in some. Not only will they keep out the cold of winter, but they can also prevent energy loss in summer. Either way, you should notice a substantial change in energy bills during both seasons.

There are several factors that go into how much energy-efficient replacement windows cost. Size, material type, brand, and the number of windows along with labor charges will all affect the final rate of home window replacement.

So, how much do energy-efficient replacement windows cost? Read on to discover the factors affecting the home window replacement charges along with essential things to consider before purchasing energy-efficient windows.

Costs Associated With New Energy-Efficient Windows 

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What you will spend on new energy-efficient windows will vary based on many factors. On average, if you want to get energy-efficient windows installed in your home, you may pay $300 to $1,000 per window. However, this cost per window may fluctuate up or down for some of the following reasons. 


The size of the window you need will play a significant role in costs. For example, a single-hung 36 by 72-inch window may cost about $120 for the window itself. However, adding in labor, material, or brand could increase to upwards of $300 for one single window. A typical picture window is about six feet by four feet and could run you upwards of $700 or more. Therefore, size will be one of the most critical cost factors when choosing your new energy-efficient windows. 


Another important cost factor is material. The material is what the window is encased in. Going with an aluminum window may be tempting because they tend to be very cost-effective, starting as low as $375. However, this material isn't very energy-efficient. A better choice for energy efficiency would be vinyl or fiberglass, which cost as low as $400 and $588, respectively. 


Another factor to consider when determining the cost of your window project is the cost of a window based on brand. For instance, Pella windows may range between $170 and $950 per window. Anderson windows could cost between $160 and $830 on average per window. However, different types of windows within the brand or a specific series of the brand may drive the price significantly higher.  


Most of the prices mentioned before deal primarily with the window itself. However, those costs do not include the installation cost, which will increase the price even more. On average, an installation team may charge between $30 and $50 per hour for window installation. The entire project lasts no more than about 1.5 to 2 hours. However, if there are custom windows or homes that have window sizes that aren't standard, the time for installation may increase up to about six hours. 

Stories in the Home 

If the window installation team must install windows on higher levels, including the roof, the labor costs of the installation may increase substantially. When teams have to work on high levels, different equipment is necessary for safety reasons. Also, they will have to take much longer to prevent dropping or damaging the window as they install it. The increase in time and complexity will drive up labor costs. 


Custom windows may have a significant impact on the cost of installing energy-efficient windows. The architecture of your home may require various sizes and shapes for your windows which are not standard. This, coupled with the fact that the windows are energy-efficient, can drive installation prices up into the tens of thousands per window. 

Signs You Need New Windows

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You may be considering getting windows in general and buying energy-efficient ones at the top of your list. However, how do you know if you need windows? Before narrowing down your choices, here are a few ways to know that it’s time for new windows.

High Energy Bills

One of the most significant ways to know that you need new windows is that your energy bills are higher than usual. Although this doesn’t indicate that your windows are the only problem in your home, it could be a contributing factor, especially if they are older model windows. When your windows are shut, if you feel a draft when you are standing near the windows, chances are you need higher quality windows. Air could be getting in through cracks or the window panes themselves. As a result, the heater may work harder and drive up energy bills but not get the house warmer. 

Excessive Condensation on Windows

Another sign that you need new windows could be the condensation you see on windows. Not all condensation is a sign that something is wrong with your windows. However, condensation forming on the inside of your window panes typically is a sign that something is wrong with the window’s glazing, allowing moisture to get trapped between the panes. 

Weatherizing Isn’t Working Anymore

Each year, homeowners use a method to keep the cold out of their homes by covering their windows with plastic film or weather stripping. While these methods do help keep out some cold air, they still may not improve the home's energy efficiency. As a result, the energy bills may still be higher than usual in winter. Besides, weatherizing is covering up more significant problems with the windows that you should address by replacing them.

They Aren’t Working Properly

Another sign you may need to replace your windows is that they aren't working correctly. This problem is noticeable when you raise your windows or close them, and it takes much effort. Sometimes this problem could be associated with your foundation sinking. So it is a good idea to make sure that there are no problems with the foundation first. If there are no problems with the foundation and your windows are hard to open and close, this is a strong indication that they need replacing. 

You Plan to Move

Believe it or not, windows can make a huge difference when selling your house. Not only do they look good, but they could increase the value of your home, getting more ROI (return on investment) when you sell your home. Therefore, if you plan to sell your house, investing in new windows may be a good option. 

Why You Should Choose Energy-Efficient Windows 

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Installing new windows will make your home look better and make opening and closing your windows much more effortless. However, choosing energy-efficient windows will help save money. This is because energy-efficient windows have Low-emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, which blocks UV rays and helps regulate the temperature inside the home. Some energy-efficient windows also have two to three panes of glass with argon gas inside the two exterior glass panes that help keep air out. Both the coating and the layers of window panes help keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Thus, this improves the temperature inside the home, minimizing heavy reliance on HVAC systems. As a result, it could lower your bills by 9% or more, particularly if they are Energy Star brand windows. 

The Best Time of The Year to Install Windows

Although it may be tempting to replace your windows in the spring or summer, this is the time that most people consider replacing them. Therefore, you may have to deal with product delays, installation delays, and more during this time of the year. If you don't mind being uncomfortable for a brief time, a better time to replace windows is during the fall or winter. It may be cold during the installation, but you can rest assured that once the installation team is done, it will be nice and cozy in your house. Also, you don't have to compete with other homeowners who also want their windows replaced. If you can't wait and want to get savings right away, particularly during warm months, you can schedule a time to get new windows. Just keep in mind that this is peak time for most window installation companies. 

The Importance of Hiring Experts to Install Windows 

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Some homeowners may be tempted to save money by using amateurs or even installing windows themselves. However, when it comes to window installation, it is a good idea to hire experts. One good reason to hire a window company is that they will have access to high-quality products and materials. When you purchase windows from a store, they may know the product well and can help you narrow down choices, but they may not have real-life experience with the windows. Window installation companies deal with installation all the time, so they know what works well and what doesn't. Their knowledge will extend beyond brand names and deeper into the best material, and what types of glass works best for your home specifically. 

With seasoned professionals, you can also count on the windows to be installed properly. They will ensure that the windows are securely in place and typically guarantee their work with a warranty. If there is something wrong with the new window, they will know it immediately and get it replaced before wasting time with installing a defective window. They are great at their craft and know what equipment to use to ensure a quality installation. For instance, when installing windows on higher levels of the home or the roof, they will know the best equipment to use for the installation. Also, since window companies are typically licensed and insured, you won't have to incur liability for their damages to your home or themselves during the installation process. Hiring an amateur may be cheaper in the short term. However, the long-term financial issues that could arise due to their negligence aren't worth the trouble. 

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Window Installation Company 

Hiring a window installation team is a good idea. However, not all window companies are alike. Therefore, it is a good idea to research and assess the company that you will have working on your window project. One of the most important things to do is to narrow your choices down to about three final candidates that are best based on your needs. A few good ways to do this is to check their reviews. What are their previous customers saying about them? What are their ratings on mainstream sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, or home improvement sites? Also, take a look at what information the Better Business Bureau may have about the company. Unfortunately, not all companies are listed with the bureau. However, it is a good idea for those who are to make sure that they don't have outstanding lists of unresolved complaints. Also, try to get referrals on the company from people you know and trust who have used their services. 

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Once you have narrowed down your final choices, it is a good idea to request quotes from each and compare them. If there are drastic changes in prices from one estimate to the next, ask each company why. A lower price doesn't necessarily indicate that you are getting a good deal. Discover why the other company is charging higher for a line item. Perhaps, the lower-priced company may not remove the debris from your property which may be why it is cheaper. Besides asking questions about their quotes, it is also good to ask a few other critical questions. Below are some questions to ask to help you decide which company is the best to choose. 

Are you licensed and insured?

It is critical to ensure that the installation has a license and determine if they carry the proper insurance. This will prevent you from being personally liable. 

How many years have you been in business?

While some people new to the business are excellent at what they do, it still may be a good idea to go with someone who has plenty of years of experience. 

Do you install energy-efficient windows?

Since your ultimate goal is to get energy-efficient windows, it's a good idea to ensure that they install them.

Do you offer various types of window brands?

Another good idea is to make sure to know what types of brands they offer. A few of the top brands are Anderson, Pella, Jeld Wen, and Marvin. However, there are many other brands on the market. Find out what they install and do more research on the product. 

What warranties do you offer?

Another good thing to find out is if they offer warranties for their work. The warranty could include a warranty for the product itself and another one for their workmanship.

Exploring the Various Types of Energy-Efficient Windows Available 

When you are ready to buy energy-efficient windows, keep in mind that there are those windows that are specifically marketed as energy-efficient, and there are some that are energy-efficient by design. Here is a snapshot of some popular energy-efficient windows.

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Hinged Windows

When you want new, energy-efficient windows installed, a good place to start is with those windows that are naturally energy-efficient. One such type is hinged windows. You may know these windows as casement windows or awning windows. Casement windows have hinges on the right or left, allowing you to pivot the windows outward to the right or left. Awning windows typically have a hinge at the top, and when you open them, they pivot upward. These windows shut very tight and let in very little air, making them energy-efficient.

Picture Windows

Picture windows, or fixed windows, don't open. They simply provide you the enjoyment of enjoying the outdoors through the view of your window. Because these windows never open, they offer maximum energy efficiency. 

Customized Windows

Customized windows are windows that are designed based on your design criteria. For instance, you may want a half-moon-style window over your entryway to complete the decor in your home. Since these styles are build-to-order, you can choose to add things that make them energy-efficient, including double panes or Low-E glass.

Double and Triple Pane Windows

Another popular type of energy-efficient window is those with multiple panes called insulated windows. These windows usually have two to three window panes and have an argon gas inside that is colorless and odorless. This gas prevents air from passing through the glass, making it perfect for keeping the cold air out during the winter and the heat out during the summer. The double and triple pane feature also prevents UV rays from getting through, which helps prevent your floors or furniture from fading. 

Low-E Windows

Along with multiple panes of windows, energy-efficient windows may also have Low-emissivity or Low-E. This coating on the window lets in visible light but blocks heat energy caused by ultraviolet or infrared light. In the summer, it keeps the heat out of your house while only allowing in the light from the sun. In winter, it reflects the heat into the house, reducing your reliance on energy. 

Energy-Star Rated Windows

Of all the windows on the market, the most energy-efficient windows are the ones labeled with the Energy Star label. Energy Star windows are tested and certified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to help save money on energy costs. These windows, on average, save 12 percent but may fluctuate up or down depending on the climate you live in. 

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Calling a Professional Window Installation Company Near You

Getting energy-efficient windows can be pretty costly upfront. Luckily, the federal government provides a tax credit of 10 percent off of windows up to $500 until December 31, 2021. They have to be Energy Star windows, however. Also, some window installation companies may offer deals at the time of purchase to help ease the burden of the costs of windows. They may also provide financing plans for those who qualify to pay for the cost of your windows. So, although getting new windows can be pretty costly, the years of savings it will provide will pay back the money over the long term.

Be sure to reach out to Home Windows Dallas to request your custom quote for new energy-efficient window replacements. It's complimentary, and there's no obligation to make a purchase.

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