Homeowners' Guide: How to Choose the Right Window Style?

March 27, 2022

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Shopping for new windows may not seem like a big deal. After all, you just need glass in panes that allow light in and will enable you to see through them, right? If only window shopping were that easy. Believe it or not, windows can significantly impact your space. The right window can provide you with a substantial amount of natural light from the inside. This, in turn, can help you cut down on relying on electricity while the sun is out. Receiving appropriate natural light from windows can also help you feel good. From the outside, your windows can transform your curb appeal. Windows are like a freshly manicured lawn. You may not pay attention to it daily, but you will notice it if something changes. So, in essence, the window you choose is a big deal. Unfortunately, you probably have never shopped for windows in the past because they just came with the house or apartment you lived in.

So, you haven't given much thought to window styles in Dallas. This article will explore some of the basics you need to know about how to choose a window style so you can start narrowing your choices. 

The Types of Windows You Can Choose From

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You may not be aware of this, but there is more to the windows than single-hung or double-hung ones. Though these are some of the most common windows you will see in a residential setting, there are numerous types of windows. Here are the most common window types you can choose from when deciding how to choose a window style.

Single-Hung and Double-Hung

These types of windows are the ones you have probably seen the most. This is your typical two sash window in which the lower sash opens to allow in air. The only difference between the two is that single-hung windows have an upper sash that doesn't move and a lower sash that opens and moves up and down. Double-hung windows have a movable upper and lower sash. 

Slider Windows

Slider windows are another type of window you may be familiar with because it is commonly found in the bathroom. This window type is similar to single or double-hung styles but opens from the left or right. 

Casement or Awning Windows

These hinged types of windows are common in the bathroom or kitchen. Awning windows are typically hinged at the top of the window, and the user can push the lower part of the window outward for ventilation. Casement windows are hinged on either side and open right or left. You can get either of these windows with a crank that slowly winds the window outward or inward as it opens and closes.

Picture Windows

If you want to adore the beauty of nature and let an enormous amount of light in without opening windows, picture windows are ideal. These windows don't have any moving parts because they don't open and close. They are primarily for aesthetic beauty.

Bow and Bay 

These windows bring a lot of light into the home from various angles. These windows extend outward, adding square footage to a room. Bow windows are like picture windows but extend outward in a bow or arc shape. They may have four or five smaller windows within them. Bay windows typically have three windows, one big one in the middle and two smaller ones on the side. 

Materials For Your Windows

Although there are many styles of windows for you to choose from, you can also select various materials to make your windows more unique. One of the oldest and most common materials that people choose for their windows is wood. This material is environmentally friendly and user-friendly because you can paint on the wood window frames. Another popular type is vinyl. This lightweight material is very durable and requires very little maintenance. Fiberglass is another window frame type that has become very popular recently. This material is durable and eco-friendly. And like wood, you can also paint this material.

What is the most popular style of window?

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Single and double-hung windows are still the most popular type of window. The classic design is easy to use. Users open the window by unlocking it and pulling it up. These windows continue to be popular not only because they are simple to use but also because they provide excellent ventilation, are energy efficient, keep you safe from intruders, and are easy to clean. 

What type of windows are in style 2022?

Double-hung windows are still a top contender for window choices. This is probably because when people think of windows, this is the typical type of window they envision. But aside from this style, there are other features about windows that are trending this year. People seem to be drawn to windows that bring in a lot of natural light. So picture windows, bay windows, and custom windows that allow lots of sunlight are trending this year. Another trend that window buyers are embracing is windows with black frames and trim. It is sleek, classic, and blends well with most architectural styles. Another type of window that is attractive to many this year is energy-efficient windows. With the price of electricity going up across the country, many people are trying to find ways to save, and getting energy-efficient windows is one way to save. In colder months, these types of windows keep the cold air out. During the warmer months, these windows keep out intense heat and UV rays which keep furniture and floors from becoming discolored. 

Should You Consider the Architecture of Your Home?

If you are still torn on what type of window you should get for your home, one influential factor is your home's architecture. If you have a traditional home, it may be a good idea to stick with a more traditional window type like a double-hung window. On the other hand, it may be a good idea to incorporate slider windows, picture windows, or even custom windows for contemporary or modern homes. Ultimately, how to choose a window style depends on you. But taking into consideration your home's architecture can yield the most dramatic results with your windows. 

Picture Windows, Bay Windows, or Custom Windows

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Windows that bring in a lot of natural light seem to be all the rage these days. But which type of window is good at doing this? When it comes to bringing in natural light, bay windows are still a great choice because they aren't just a window. Bay windows can also double as a storage place or extra seating in your house because they add to a room's square footage. In addition, since the pay windows jut out from your home, they let in light from various angles.

Additionally, they change the architecture of your house. Like picture windows, they have immovable parts. But bay windows tend to have two side windows that open that are either casement style, double or single-hung. 

Picture windows are another great option for bringing in plenty of light and getting a great view of the outdoors. These types of windows typically don't open, however. In addition, because they don't have any moving parts, these windows are energy-efficient windows that don't allow air to come in through gaps. 

Another great window to incorporate into your decor that allows in a lot of light is custom windows. These windows can vary in size and shape. Customized windows can form along an entire wall, bringing in lots of light from outdoors and allowing homeowners to derive maximum pleasure from views. Custom windows can be like picture windows and may not open. However, there may be some that open, like casement windows, sliders, or double-hung windows. 

More on Energy Efficient Windows

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For many people, aesthetic value isn't all they want out of their windows. Energy efficiency is becoming almost synonymous with windows. Since windows are a significant source of energy loss - about 25 - 30 percent - people who buy new windows want ones that reduce energy loss and help save on utility bills. Picture windows are naturally energy efficient because they don't open. This makes them the most airtight choice available. Energy efficiency isn't limited to just a style of window, however. Some manufacturers make energy-efficient windows designed to reduce airflow and prevent UV rays from entering using Low Emissivity glass and argon gas between panes. There are even specific windows that have an Energy Star rating that is backed by the government for its ability to save energy and money. This helps users in the following ways

  • Save money on utility bills
  • Remain comfortable whether it is cold or hot 
  • Enjoy natural light without risking discolored floors or furniture
  • Minimize the passage of dangerous UV rays through windows
  • Prevent condensation buildup on windows which encourages mildew and mold
  • Reduces loud noises from outside

So when you are considering how to choose a window style, don't forget to incorporate energy-efficient ones so that you can get the most bang for your buck. 

Are you in the market for new or replacement windows? Shopping for windows on your own can be pretty overwhelming. Many brands and types on the market and attempting to replace them yourself could void your window warranty if they aren't installed correctly. A professional window installation company not only ensures that your windows are installed correctly but can also help you maintain your windows for maximum use. If you need a professional window installation team in Dallas, count on the experts at Home Windows Dallas. We provide many window styles from some of the best brands on the market. Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation and FREE estimate on window installation in Dallas.

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