8 Ways to Decorate a Bay Window Ledge

July 5, 2023

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You don’t need to be a professional designer to know how to decorate a bay window ledge. A few simple tips from the experts can ensure a stunning, welcoming look you’re sure to love!

To decorate a bay window ledge, add:

  1. Seating cushions
  2. Toss pillows
  3. Afghans
  4. Plants
  5. A photo grouping
  6. Specialty curtains
  7. Candles
  8. Thicker trim

Homeowners should enjoy every spot in their home, and that includes a stunning bay window ledge! Before you go another day with a dull, unwelcoming window area, keep reading. Some added tips on these 8 ideas can ensure you love that bay window for years to come.

how to decorate a bay window ledge

How to Decorate a Bay Window Ledge for a Stunning Finish

When browsing these ideas on how to decorate a bay window ledge, remember safety! Don’t use candles around curtains or linens and keep items secure in homes with children and pets.

1. Add seating cushions

If your bay window ledge is big enough, a seating cushion is an excellent choice. Your window ledge now becomes a cozy nook, perfect for reading or relaxing. If you can’t find cushions at a store, check online for a local seamstress. Many will create custom cushions for a small fee.

2. Include toss pillows

Even if you don’t plan on using the ledge for seating, toss pillows add comfort instantly. They make any space seem more welcoming while softening stark, cold walls. Additionally, pillows are an affordable way to add some pops of color!

Lastly, you can also change pillows easily when you want a new look in your space. For example, you can swap out your everyday pillows for holiday choices throughout the year.

3. Use colorful, cozy afghans

Afghans or blankets are an excellent choice for bay window seating. They create a cozier look and feel, making the space more inviting. Also, it’s an excellent way to keep your afghans handy without having them get in the way! Rather than putting them over a sofa where they can become bothersome, keep them on the window ledge instead.

4. Add plants

Bay and bow windows are an excellent spot for your favorite houseplants. Even stubborn plants are likely to thrive in all that light while breaking up the look of a dull, empty space.

However, don’t overdo it with plants as the ledge might then look cluttered. Also, note their sunlight requirements and close the window treatment as needed, so your plants don’t get too much light.

5. Create a photo grouping

A bay window ledge is an excellent spot for a photo grouping! Mix up your photo frame materials and sizes for maximum visual impact. Also, remember that you can swap out the photos and frames when you need a change!

Your bay window ledge is also an excellent spot for displaying recent photos, such as from a vacation or other event. As with pillows, you can show off holiday photos on your bay window ledge rather than putting them in albums.

6. Install specialty curtains

If your bay window looks a bit bland, the ledge might not be the issue! Boring window treatments can make any space look unwelcoming and downright dingy.

To fix this issue, consider updating your bay window with specialty curtains. Choose a design meant for bay windows in particular. Something colorful can liven up the space while wood blinds provide a warm, traditional look. Slimmer treatments make the ledge look wider while oversized curtains offer a grander appearance.

7. Add candles

If you can do so safely, consider adding a candle grouping to your bay window ledge. Candles add warmth and some extra light at nighttime. For even more visual interest, place the candles on a nice wood or metal tray and stagger their height. You might even try different scents, to ensure your entire home is welcoming and inviting.

8. Install thicker trim

Window trim helps hide cut drywall around windows. However, it also adds a “finished” look to the space. For a ledge that looks a bit dull, consider thicker trim or one in a more vibrant design. Also, you can paint the trim a contrasting color. Whatever your taste, don’t overlook trim when considering how to decorate a bay window ledge.

how to decorate a bay window ledge installation

How Do You Put Furniture In Front of a Bay Window?

Adding furniture in front of a bay window might pose a challenge. One reason is that bay and bow windows are quite large. Two, you might not want to cover the ledge or block the windows entirely. However, with a few simple tips, you can easily place furniture in front of the windows without worry.

First, put chairs at an angle in front of the window corners. Second, ensure any table between those chairs is small so it doesn’t block the window. Also, if you must put a soft or loveseat there, keep it smaller than the window itself. This ensures it doesn’t compete with that view or seem overwhelming.

Lastly, use pillows, afghans, and other simple touches to add color to the space. You can also put candles and photos on the side table, for more visual interest. These simple touches ensure your furniture enhances the bay window rather than competes with it.

A Note From Our Team

Home Windows Dallas is happy to help explain how to decorate a bay window ledge. Hopefully, we’ve given you some good ideas! Also, call our Dallas window installation contractors if you’re thinking of new windows for your home. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and prepare a comprehensive price quote at your earliest convenience.


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