A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Windows: Styles and Designs

May 12, 2023

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Did you know that there are several different types of windows to choose from for your home? If you’re ready to replace your home’s windows, you might review the most popular styles and designs first. This ensures you find the best ones for your budget and expectations overall:

The 10 most popular types of windows for homes include:

  • Single-hung and double-hung
  • Casement
  • Sliders
  • Bay and bow
  • Picture or stationary
  • Garden
  • Glass block
  • Awning
  • Round
  • Transom

The Most Popular Types of Windows for Your Home

Check out each of these window styles and designs in more detail. Then, talk to a window installation contractor near you as needed. He or she can suggest even more window options for your home.

Single-hung and double-hung

Single-hung windows are the most popular and the most budget-friendly style in use today. A single-hung window has two panes, one below the other. You open the window by lifting and lowering the bottom pane.

Double-hung windows are the same design except the top pane also lowers to open. Lowering the top pane allows for added ventilation near the room’s ceiling. In turn, you might opt for a double-hung window in a kitchen or bathroom.

single and double hung windows


Single-pane casement windows open outward along their side, like a door. Some casements have cranks you use for opening and closing. A casement window with a crank is an excellent choice for areas that are difficult to reach. You don’t need to stretch and struggle over tubs, sinks, and other obstructions to operate a casement window!


As the name implies, slider windows move sideways to open and close. This design is also excellent in areas where you might struggle to lift and lower a single-hung window. Sliders are also a good choice for overly large windows. Since they don’t move upwards to open, there’s no risk of the window’s weight pulling it shut unexpectedly.

Bay and bow

Bay and bow windows consist of tall panes placed at an angle to “jut out” from the home. A three-paned bay window creates an extra space or “bay” inside the home, hence its name. Four or more panes create an arch or “bow” design.

Homeowners often love bay and bow windows for the added light they offer. You might also appreciate that extra interior space! Many homeowners create a seating area under these windows, for a comfy reading nook. The angled panes also allow for cross breezes and extra fresh air inside the home.

Picture or stationary

Stationary windows, as the name implies, don’t open or close. They’re excellent if you want added sunlight or a view to the outside but don’t need to open the window. Also, window manufacturers can create stationary windows to size. This allows you to install that pane of glass to virtually any area around your home.

Picture windows are larger stationary panes which create a stunning view or “picture” of the exterior. You might consider a picture window in a living room or one that faces some stunning outdoor scenery.


Garden windows are like bay windows in that their panes jut out from the home. However, garden windows are much smaller, with a glass top section. These windows provide a small shelf area along their interior, to hold potted plants. Garden windows are often found over a kitchen sink, allowing a homeowner to grow their own herbs or small vegetables.

garden window for a home

Glass block

Glass block windows blur the view while allowing in light. This allows for privacy without creating a dark, unwelcoming space. Consequently, glass block windows are common in bathrooms and especially showers and tubs.

Also, you cannot shatter thick block windows very easily! In turn, they provide added security where needed such as a garage. Additionally, consider glass blocks for basement windows next to a driveway. That durable glass block is less likely to break if you bump it with a car, bicycle, and so on.


An awning window opens outward from the bottom, creating the shape of an awning. Choose an awning window if you want to block rain or high winds while still enjoying fresh air! Also, as with casements and sliders, you don’t need to lift and lower an awning window. In turn, it’s easier to operate an awning window installed behind a cumbersome tub or other obstruction.


Round windows are excellent where you’d like to add some personality and style to a room! Also, a round window can break up harsh lines and angles in a space. For instance, you might consider a round window in a dormer or attic. The rounded shape helps soften those areas while providing a unique look.


Have you ever seen a small single-pane window installed over a door or other window? That’s a transom window! Transom windows provide more sunlight and a stunning view. Also, you might etch your address on a transom window over an entryway door, for a classic look.

Also, note that some transom windows open outward in an awning style. Opening these windows allows for more fresh air circulation throughout interior rooms.

How Do You Choose the Best Types of Windows for a Home?

Before shopping, consider local building codes affecting your window options. For instance, most cities require a functioning window in any room used for sleeping. In turn, if you want to use a basement as a bedroom, check on local window requirements.

Next, note a window’s operating style and any obstacles in its way. Also, think about how you’ll use a window in a certain space. For instance, suppose you want to brighten up a dark space. A large picture window or bay windows provide maximum sunlight. On the other hand, these oversized options might mean too much light in a bedroom when you’re trying to sleep!

Home Windows Dallas is happy to provide this guide to different types of windows for your home. Hopefully you’ve found it useful and practical! If you’re ready for new windows and are in the city or surrounding areas, call our Dallas window installation contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and comprehensive price quote. We offer all the latest window styles and guarantee every installation for quality. To get your property started on the stunning window installation you deserve, contact us today.


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