What Color Hardware is Best for Black Exterior Doors?

July 19, 2023

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what color hardware for black exterior doors

So you’ve decided to go bold with a striking black exterior door for your home. Very chic! 

But now comes the tough decision – what color hardware for black exterior doors? Choosing the right hardware color can make or break the look and feel you’re going for. It’s important to select hardware that is both functional and complementary to your door that’s on the dark side.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of our favorite hardware for black exterior doors. 

Brass Hardware: A Classic, Timeless Look

One safe bet is opting for brass hardware. The warm, golden tones of brass dovetail nicely with the deep, dark black of the door. Brass gives off an elegant, traditional vibe that stands the test of time. Some might even say it’s downright “classy!”

Just imagine answering the door with your shiny brass handle glinting in the sunlight. Your guests will know right away they’re in for some fancy treatment! From vintage homes to modern farmhouses, brass hardware never goes out of style. What color door hardware is timeless? Definitely brass!

Plus, brass pairs well with a variety of design aesthetics. Whether your home leans traditional, modern, or eclectic, brass is versatile enough to complement any style. The muted yellow shine makes brass an easy match for most color schemes too.

The downside is that brass requires more maintenance to keep its luster. Brass oxidizes and dulls over time, so you’ll need to polish it occasionally. But a little elbow grease is worth it for that timeless, elegant look, right?

Chrome Hardware: Sleek and Contemporary

If you want something more modern and minimalist, chrome is probably your best bet. With its stark silver polish and cool tones, chrome has an ultra-contemporary vibe.

Just picture it – the jet-black door with a gleaming chrome handle. Very mod and sleek! Chrome definitely gives off more modern, city-chic kind of feels compared to the traditional brass.

The streamlined look of chrome works great for contemporary-style homes. Its neutral metallic color also allows the dramatic black door to take centerstage.

One perk of chrome is that it’s easy to maintain. It resists tarnishing and keeps its shine without constant polishing like brass. Chrome’s durability makes it a practical option for high-traffic doors.

But some find chrome a bit too sterile and industrial, looking against the warmth of a black door. If you prefer an airier, more inviting look, chrome might come off as too cold.

chrome door handle on black door

What Color Hardware for Black Exterior Doors? Bronze Hardware is a Unique and Custom Choice

Splitting the difference between brass and chrome is the rich, earthy hue of bronze. Warmer than chrome but not as bold as brass, bronze strikes a nice balance. It provides a unique in-between option with its brownish-gray metallic tone.

Bronze has an artisanal, custom-made appearance that feels special. Think of the chic patina that naturally occurs as bronze ages. Bronze looks distinctive next to the true black door, giving off an antiqued Old World vibe.

But bronze’s applied patina can wear over time, revealing the metal underneath. This gives the look of warm bronze a shorter shelf-life than brass or chrome. Bronze works best for homeowners who don’t mind the worn, weathered look.

For those wanting unique hardware that plays well with black doors, bronze offers just enough punch. It provides visual interest without competing too much with the bold black exterior.

Black Hardware: Monochromatic Chic

If you really want your black door to make a statement, sticking with all-black, everything is an option. Black hardware against the black door creates a super sharp, monochromatic look.

The bold, dark hardware complements the dramatic black door nicely. It makes the door feel like a void with no beginning or end.

Just imagine that black hole effect each time you grasp the matching black handle! Very atmospheric and mysterious!

But some find the monochromatic look too dark and overpowering. If you want your door to stand out, matching black hardware might camouflage it entirely. Can you use black hardware on a black front door? Absolutely!

Black door handles can also show fingerprints and dust more visibly. So for a truly immaculate, seamless look, be prepared for frequent wiping!

Nickel Hardware: A Silvery Sheen

Splitting the difference between warm brass and cool chrome is the subtle shine of nickel hardware. Nickel has a soft, grayish-silver tone that nicely complements the black door.

The muted metallic nickel look is less stark than chrome but still sleek and contemporary. It’s nearly as neutral as chrome in terms of matching different color schemes and design styles.

But nickel lacks some of the complexity and depth that brass and bronze provide. Next to the bold black door, nickel fades into the background more.

This can be positive or negative depending on the look you desire. If you want the hardware almost unnoticeable against the dark door, nickel is a safe bet.

nickel door handle on dark colored door

Oil-Rubbed Bronze: Rich and Rustic

For a genuine, rustic feel, oil-rubbed bronze is the clear winner. The deep brownish-black patina of oil-rubbed bronze has an authentically weathered look.

Compared to true bronzes, oil-rubbed bronze has more intricacies and depth. Its dark color almost mimics wrought iron or aged cast iron hardware.

Juxtaposed against the true black door, oil-rubbed bronze adds incredible visual texture. Each mark and patina tells a story, transporting viewers to an earlier, simpler era.

Oil-rubbed bronze also disguises fingerprints and requires minimal maintenance. Its dark, almost blackened tones beautifully complement the dramatic black door.

For a classic farmhouse style or truly authentic rustic aesthetic, oil-rubbed bronze is tough to beat. Its handsome good looks pair flawlessly with crisp black doors.

Conclusion: Choose Your Vibe

When it comes to selecting the perfect hardware for black exterior doors, it all comes down to the look and feel you love. Do you want sleek or antique? Warm or cool tones? Timeless or contemporary?

For a traditional, polished look that works anywhere, opt for the time-tested warmth of brass. To make a modern minimalist statement, go with cool chrome or understated nickel.

If uniqueness and texture are more your style, bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze add incredible visual interest. Or keep it simple with matching black hardware for a super crisp, monochromatic vibe.

With all these great options, you really can’t go wrong in choosing hardware to pair with your stylish new black door. Just go with whatever option speaks to you and your personal sense of style.

Your guests will be sure to notice and admire your bold new door and hardware combo. But don’t get too distracted answering the door – you might just get pulled into an impromptu photo shoot!

silver door handle and hardware on black door

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